SUTTON SOUP 8 - 25th January 2018

Well we didn’t think we could top the success of October’s Soup, but it happened.  Sutton Soup 8, held on 25th January, resulted a monster pot of £970!  This was due partly again to the generosity of the local ‘PBM’ quiz team, who donated winnings of £55.  What generous chaps…

Our pitches for Soup 8 were:

  • 6th Carshalton Brownies – Jo was pitching for equipment to take the Brownies camping, which could be used by other Brownie units also, and to replace a very well used parade flag!  We were treated to a song by two very brave little Brownies, which was lovely.
  • Family Learning Hub – Emily and Astrid from Horizon Church pitched for funds to run this service, based in the St Helier area, for children who need support in their schoolwork.  We heard from parents and young people who have used the Hub about how much it has benefitted their lives.
  • Christians Against Poverty Sutton – CAP work with people in debt and try to help them improve their lives.  Julie from CAP and service user Nicola told us about how they would like funds for a trip to the seaside.
  • Cruse Bereavement Support Sutton – Revd Dave Dickinson of Trinity Church is setting up a branch of Cruse in Sutton this year and was pitching for this.  Cruse is a nationwide organisation but we do not yet have a branch in Sutton borough, and they provide free support, advice and information to anyone who has suffered a bereavement.

The vote was very close by all accounts, but the Family Learning Hub just swung it in the end, taking away that amazing £970.  Emily will of course be back at Sutton Soup 9 to give us an update on how the Hub is progressing.

It was great to see Andy from Wallington Little League who came back to tell us that they had bought kits for two teams with the £798 they won in October.  Also, that eight children who could not afford to join the league have now been included thanks to Soup funds…wonderful! 

​Extra special mention to our sponsors for Soup 8 – Maze Accountants, Volks Autos and Cheam Financial Planning – as it was thanks to their generous donations that we were able to further boost the money for the winner and put £100 of ‘sponsorship’ money into the pot before we started.  We use the sponsors to cover our running costs, but on this occasion we had more than we needed and were thrilled to have some extra money to donate. 

Thank you so much!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who made it to Soup 8 and helped us to raise so much money.  See you in April.

And thank you too to our newest sponsor, Sainsbury’s, who provided all the ingredients for the soup and bread, and also donated refreshments from their new Sutton store.  As it was Burns Night, the soup, cooked by our very own Heather, was ‘Neeps & Tatties’ and it was very popular!  There were a lot of requests for the recipe and we will make sure that we have some print outs for you to take home if you wish at Soup 9.

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